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car-mods and common-lisp


Peer-Reviewed Papers (In Chronological Order)

  1. Asai, M.; Fukunaga, A: 2016. Tie-Breaking Strategies for Cost-Optimal Best First Search. In J. Artif. Intell. Res. To be appear.
  2. Asai, M.; Fukunaga, A: 2016. Tiebreaking Strategies for A* Search: How to Explore the Final Frontier. In AAAI-2016. pdf presentation poster.
  3. Asai, M.; Fukunaga, A: 2015. Solving Large-Scale Planning Problems by Decomposition and Macro Generation. In ICAPS2015. pdf . CAP planner is available at .
  4. Asai, M.; Fukunaga, A: 2014. Fully Automated Cyclic Planning for Large-Scale Manufacturing Domains. In ICAPS2014. pdf poster presentation

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Workshop papers

  1. Endo, S; Asai, M.; Fukunaga, A: 2014. Evaluation of a Simple, Window-based, Replanning Approach to Plan Optimization. Heuristics and Search for Domain-independent Planning (HSDIP) Workshop (ICAPS2016). pdf presentation
  2. Asai, M.; Fukunaga, A: 2014. Applying Problem Decomposition to Extremely Large Planning Domains. Knowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling (KEPS) Workshop (ICAPS2014). pdf (submitted version –> final version) poster presentation


See my github repo for the latest activity!

  • CAP – Component Abstraction Planner, which decompose the given problem, solve each subproblem, make the subplans into macros and then plans in an enhanced problem with those macros
    • 1.5 coverage in large domains!
    • Higer coverage in ipc2011 learning track, without learning time!
  • PDDL – A Common Lisp library to read/write/analyse PDDL files. It has
    • a PDDL reader / parser
    • CLOS-based object oriented interface to analyse each objects
      • various useful accessors for objects e.g. predicate/propositions/action/types
      • methods like (ground-action action objects)
    • a pretty formatter
    • a simulator (STRIPS and action-costs are supported)
  • CELL-ASSEMBLY – The PDDL files and the explanation of a CELL-ASSEMBLY manufacturing domain, which appears at [Asai, Fukunaga ICAPS2014]
  • aaai-template – For org-mode lovers and reserchers of artificial intelligence. A set of scripts and templates for faster publishing of papers with AAAI style.
    • Included Makefile automates
      • converting SVG images to grayscale pngs (I recommend Inkscape as an editor)
      • exporting .org files to .tex files
      • typeset the TeX files with pdflatex
      • checks for any Overfull hbox
      • checks for paper limit
    • Combination of simple scripts make-periodically would be useful. It waits for the changes, and if a change is detected, it runs make, then notify the result via inotify (pop up inteface available in gtk).