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car-mods and common-lisp

Photos & Modify History

  • 2010 Apr: Bought a Miata MX-5 1.8L NA8(‘97)
    • Compression Ratio 9.0, ~130ps
  • 2010 Dec: Stock ECU –> Custom ECU Flash-ROM
  • 2012 June: Engine Swap:
    • Miata MX-5 1.8L NB8(‘00) Stock
      • Variable Resonance Intake
      • Since my custom ECU works only for old engine, I had to make a Resonance Intake Controller using Arduino in order to get the advantage of new engine
      • Compression Ratio 9.5
      • ~145ps
    • plus DIY high-compression (9.5 –> 10.1)
      • 0.7mm face-milling on cylinder head
      • ~155ps?

Miata MX-5 & Gymkhana & the Team

Miata MX-5 misc. mod

Miata MX-5 Engine Mod ( NA8 –> NB8 + DIY high-compression )


One of my run

Just to note, this is a legal activity under a paid closed course @ Fuji Speedway Gymkhana Field.

Advertising leaflet that I made for the club

UTAC Club Website